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The Calverts

The Calverts, a family of sporty, musical bookworms who love the outdoors as well as going to the movies. This crazy bunch consists of two teachers a music student, a footballer and an artist. Together they are the wonderful creative Calverts. 


Hannah Mills

Hannah Mills

Hannah Mills, an aspiring musician and actress. She works hard practicing her guitar technique and vocals. Performing most weeks, Hannah is truly awesome at live shows.

The Staunton Family

Staunton Family

Meet the Staunton family, Matthew, Megan And Freddie. To celebrate Freddie’s 2nd birthday Matt and Megan decided to take their son to the beach. As Matthew is a serving member of the British Navy, Freddie, was dressed in a child sized sailors outfit. Later he began to enjoy a delicious chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Freddie.


Paul Clements - Studio Portraits


Paul Clements is the artistic director of Visionworks Productions; A Christian based musical theatre company. He is also a freelance actor, vocal coach and musician. Shooting portraits with Paul was a great experience. As Paul works in many fields we wanted to get an array of portraits from the dramatic, low light shots, echoing a theatrical style, to a more standard portrait. Shooting portraits with Paul was a great experience. Please enjoy some samples below.

Paul Clements
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